Use our online quotation tool.

If your trip has one pickup point and one destination, and finishes with return to the pickup point, you can use the next two boxes to enter the addresses to calculate the approximate total mileage for you.

If your hire is more complicated, please go straight to the third box “Estimated return trip mileage” and enter your own total estimated mileage there.

Please note the trip cost estimate generated is not binding until it is confirmed by TISBUS after checking the times and distances etc.

If you’d like to make a booking you can enter your contact details at the bottom and submit this form to TISBUS.

How we work this out.

Trip information

  • Number of passengers – we have four buses seating 15 each bus
  • Estimated total trip miles – remember to include mileage to and from Tisbury!
  • Departure point(s) – post code(s)
  • Destination(s) – post code(s)
  • Departure date and time
  • Estimated finish time

How much will it cost

  • Initial cost for trips ending before midnight £30.00 per bus
  • Initial cost for trips ending after midnight £50.00 per bus


  • Cost per mile £1.50 (minimum 6 miles )
  • Cost per hour £10.00 before midnight (in whole hours, rounded up)
  • Cost per hour £15.00 after midnight  (in whole hours, rounded up)


Wedding transport required transporting people from the reception to accommodation around the area.

The reception venue is 10 miles from Tisbury, one hotel is five miles from the reception, and one is four miles away. Estimated that two trips are required to each and the hire will be for four hours from Tisbury at 10pm.

  • Initial cost for two buses expected to return to Tisbury after midnight £100
  • Mileage from Tisbury to venue return – 2 x 20 miles x £1.50 per mile £ 60
  • Mileage two runs from venue to hotel return – 2 x 10 miles x £1.50 per mile £ 30
  • Mileage two runs from venue to hotel return – 2 x 8 miles x £1.50 per mile £ 24
  • Hours Tisbury to Tisbury includes two hours after midnight – 2 x £10 + 2 x £15 £ 50

Total estimated cost £264

Final cost will be based on driver hours and odometer reading.