1. Following enquiries for the hire of a TISBUS vehicle the hirer will receive an estimate of costs based upon the likely mileage and driver time involved. The subsequent invoice for the services provided may vary from the estimate if the journeys take longer and/or the mileage changes. The hirer is responsible for providing a list of pick-up and drop-off points with postal codes at the time of confirming the booking.
  2. All hirers who receive an estimate will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the estimate through the payment of a deposit to be specified in the estimate at least seven days before the date of hire.
  3. The following points apply:
    1. Deposit – Payment of the deposit constitutes the hirer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and that a hiring arrangement exists with TISBUS. Non-payment of the deposit means that no hiring arrangement exists.
    2. Cancellation by hirer – It is accepted that plans of hirers can change. TISBUS accepts such changes subject to the following conditions:
      1. Cancellation notice greater than 24 hours – full deposit refund.
      2. Cancellation less than 24 hours – deposit not refundable.
      3. Cancellation once driver has arrived – full charges apply.
    3. Cancellation by TISBUS – TISBUS is primarily staffed by volunteer drivers. In the event that TISBUS cannot fulfil a request for hire TISBUS undertakes to notify the hirer at the earliest opportunity and to refund the deposit in full.
    4. Minimum charge – A minimum charge of £50 will apply to all private hire arrangements even if the added mileage and driver’s time charges fall below this figure.
  4. Driver’s authority – TISBUS drivers are responsible for the safety of all passengers. All drivers are authorised by the TISBUS board of directors to refuse to carry any passengers who they believe to be over-intoxicated and who may prove to be a risk to themselves, other passengers or the vehicle.
  5. Bus fouling – Any fouling of the bus by a passenger will result in a mandatory £100 surcharge to the hirer which reflect the costs of professional cleaning, the time the bus is removed from service and the driver’s additional work.