Opportunities at the Nadder Centre

By 25th March 2017News

There are lots of new and exciting opportunities for people in and around the Tisbury area being held at the Nadder Centre. TISBUS is helping you to participate in these activities by running a regular bus to the centre every Friday.

The library is a much sought after and helpful addition to any village; why not pop up, browse the bookshelves or DVDs before relaxing in the Nadder Centre’s coffee shop? Or you could make use of the centre’s fully equipped gym – there’s an over 50s group which runs every Friday morning.

As part of its regular Friday shopping run around the Tisbury area, TISBUS now includes a regular bus to and from the Nadder Centre, as below:

8.45am – bus to Tisbury stopping at The Square and the Nadder Centre.

11.00am – bus picking up at The Square and the Nadder Centre returning to surrounding villages where it will also pick up passengers, then returns to Tisbury (The Square and the Nadder Centre)..

The cost to travel on any of the above runs is £3.00 return for adults living outside of Tisbury (children £1.50), £2.00 for passengers living in Tisbury (children £1.00), children under eight travel free.

The bus will pick you up from your home address. To book a seat on the bus (for an incoming pick up) you will need to call or text 07500 802525. If you are getting on the first leg of the journey from Tisbury, you can tell the driver your address when you get on the bus.

This could be the start of something big in your life so pick up your phone now.