Use our online quotation tool.

Private hire trip charges are calculated on an hourly basis at a rate of £50.00 per hour, per bus, during the hours of 7am to 8pm, at a rate of £75.00 per hour from 8pm to 12.00pm and at a rate of £100.00 per hour after midnight.

Based on the addresses of the pick-up from and return-to points and the destination, the quotation tool automatically adjusts trip times to a ‘depot to depot’ basis meaning the time the minibus leaves the Nadder Centre depot in Tisbury to the time it arrives back at the Nadder Centre, part hours to be charged as half hours. When entering the start times for your trips out and back, please allow sufficient time to load and unload passengers to help achieve an accurate estimate.

Please note the trip cost estimate generated is not binding until it is confirmed by TISBUS after checking the times and distances etc, and the final fee charged will be based on the actual times recorded by your TISBUS driver.

If you’d like to make a booking you can enter your contact details at the bottom and submit this form to TISBUS.

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